Astar Network and Pacific Meta Form Partnership to Drive Web3 Expansion from Business Development to Infrastructure Support

Astar Network, a provider of Japanese blockchain technology, and Pacific Meta, specializing in Web3 business development and marketing support, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today regarding a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to maximize opportunities for businesses in harnessing Web3’s potential and pursuing new value creation.

Through this partnership, both companies will support strategic and practical Web3 business development for enterprises utilizing Astar Network’s platform. Astar Network offers robust blockchain infrastructure, while Pacific Meta proposes sustainable business models from the business development aspect to unlock the potential of Web3 for enterprises, providing a comprehensive approach from business development to infrastructure support.

Solutions for Corporate Challenges in Web3 Adoption

Many large Japanese enterprises are exploring opportunities in the Web3 space, but there are still certain hurdles to business realization due to the limited number of role models. Questions such as the following are frequently raised by business leaders and professionals:

– What are the benefits of using Web3?
– How does Web3 contribute to solving customer and user challenges?
– What is the unique value proposition of offering businesses exclusively possible through Web3?
– What are the key points when building Web3 businesses?

To address these challenges, Astar Network, specializing in blockchain infrastructure, and Pacific Meta, with expertise in business development support, will clarify the characteristics and potential of Web3 for each business and provide one-stop support for business development that maximizes the advantages of Web3. They will assist in not only planning businesses but also executing Web3 adoption, as well as continual expansion of Web3 businesses.


Comments from the Parties Involved

“Pacific Meta is a leading Web3-focused comprehensive consulting company in Japan, with one of the top teams in the country that can support everything from planning to development and overseas expansion.
In order to make Astar zkEVM the next-generation de facto standard chain for more companies, Astar Network is collaborating with Pacific Meta and is committed to pioneering Web3 use cases ahead of the world.”

Astar Foundation
Head of Japan Business Development
Yuhong Chen


“We are very pleased to be able to collaborate with the Astar Network team, which represents Japan in their global challenges.
Astar zkEVM is expected to become a blockchain that will further promote Web3 mass adoption from the perspective of user scale and UX, as Japanese companies challenge Web3 and attempt to expand globally.
By adding the support of the Astar Network team to our comprehensive Web3 support, including support for new Web3 businesses and overseas expansion, we will enable Japanese companies to create sustainable businesses using Web3.”

Pacific Meta Inc.
Head of Japan Business Development
Kazuhito Azechi


About Astar Network

Astar Network, representing Japan on a global scale, is a public blockchain striving for the social implementation and popularization of the next-generation decentralized internet, Web3. With a top market capitalization in Japan and global presence, it has received investments from leading entities like Binance and Coinbase, recognizing its innovative technology and unique ecosystem. Astar Network is currently collaborating with Polygon Labs, a world-leading development team, providing “Astar zkEVM Powered by Polygon.”, through speeding up and enhancing the scalability of the world’s largest blockchain “Ethereum”.In the future, the Astar ecosystem, including Astar zkEVM, will accelerate the popularization of Web3 with superior UX and expand the global reach of Japanese content such as games and anime, working closely with businesses and municipalities in Japan and abroad.

Official Website: https://astar.network/
X (FormerTwitter): https://twitter.com/astarNetwork


About Pacific Meta

Pacific Meta is a company that addresses challenges faced by domestic and international businesses and projects in the Web3 space, providing strategic consulting and marketing support. With a global team and a foundation in primary information and network obtained from domestic and international sources, they offer comprehensive support, with a focus on devising marketing strategies, designing and managing communities, and expanding into foreign markets.

【Company Overview】
Location: THE CASK GOTANDA 305, 2-5-2 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Shota Iwasaki
Establishment Date: August 10, 2022
Business: Web3 Marketing and International Expansion Support
Capital: 150 million yen (including capital reserve)
Company URL: https://pacific-meta.co.jp/

We Welcome Inquiries from Companies Interested in Web3 Business Development

We look forward to inquiries from companies interested in business development utilizing Web3. Feel free to reach out, even if the specifics are not yet determined. Through consultations, we will propose the possibilities of Web3 utilization.Company URL: https://pacific-meta.co.jp/

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