Pacific Meta Forms Partnership with Shildify Security, a Security Auditing Firm, to Provide Comprehensive Support from Project Planning to Security Audits

Pacific Meta Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shota Iwasaki; hereinafter referred to as “Pacific Meta”) is pleased to announce the establishment of a partnership with Shieldify Security, specializing in blockchain security audits (Headquarters: Bulgaria; Co-founders: George & Martin; hereinafter referred to as “Shieldify”).

Through this partnership, Pacific Meta aims to strengthen security audits for clients, contribute to enhancing the safety and reliability of projects, and realize comprehensive support from project planning to development.

Background of the Partnership

Shieldify is a cybersecurity-focused company that provides comprehensive support for digital security protection. Specifically, they offer security advice, specialized security services, security audits, and management services applicable to a wide range of projects. With a commitment to prompt and sincere responses to projects and expertise in cybersecurity, Shieldify takes pride in being a trusted partner for organizations implementing cybersecurity measures. Additionally, Shieldify conducts security audits based on a subscription-based model, which ensures maximum value creation aligned with the project’s costs.

Having supported various Web3 projects domestically and internationally, Pacific Meta has recognized the critical role of security enhancement in project sustainability. With the establishment of this partnership, Pacific Meta can leverage Shieldify’s extensive experience and deep expertise in security audits to provide comprehensive support for the safety and reliability of Web3 projects worldwide. This includes assessing security risks, detecting and addressing vulnerabilities, and assisting in the formulation of security policies.

Comments from the Parties Involved

We are delighted to offer a hybrid blockchain security audit service through collaboration with Shieldify Security. With many of our clients requiring security audits, we will collaborate with Shieldify to enhance the safety and reliability of projects through their 4-layer security approach and subscription-based audit model.

Kazuto Ujichi, Head of Business Development Department, Pacific Meta


[Statement from Shieldify Security]

Shieldify Security is extremely honored to be Pacific Meta’s partner of choice! Together, both companies will offer a full suite of services that are vital for any web3 protocol. The partnership will increase Shieldify’s visibility in the Asian web3 space.

About Shieldify Security

Positioned as the first hybrid web3-security company, Shieldify shakes things up with a unique subscription-based auditing model that entitles the customer unlimited audits within its duration, as well as top-notch service quality thanks to a disruptive 4-layered security approach. The company works with renowned names in the web3 security space and can audit codebase written in Soldity, Vyper, Rust, Cairo and Go.

[Company Overview]
Company Name: Shieldify Security
Establishment: 2023
Representatives: Martin Petrov, Petar Todorov and Georgi Karagyozov
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Website: https://www.shieldify.org/

About Pacific Meta

Pacific Meta Inc. specializes in delivering extensive advisory and marketing services tailored for international Web3 projects in the Japanese and East Asian markets. Our expertise encompasses a spectrum of areas including strategic development, localization, promotional activities, community engagement, and assistance with token listings. With a proven track record, our team, endowed with exceptional talents and rich experience in the space, has successfully supported leading Web3 projects, including Web3 games and blockchain initiatives.

<Company Profile>
Location : 305, THE CASK GOTANDA, 2–5–2 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141–0022, Japan
Representative : CEO Shota Iwasaki
Established Date: August 10th, 2022
Business: Comprehensive support for overseas Web3 projects
Capital stock: 150 million yen Contact
・E-Mail: info@pacific-meta.co.jp
・URL : https://pacific-meta.co.jp/
・Pacific Meta Game Guild: https://discord.gg/pmgg
・Pacific Meta Magazine : https://pacific-meta.co.jp/magazine/

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Company Name: Pacific Meta Inc.
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