Pacific Meta Launches Web3-Specific Event Space in Tokyo | Accommodates Over 100 People in 230㎡ Area

Pacific Meta Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Pacific Meta”), based in Hamamatsucho, Tokyo, is pleased to announce the commencement of its provision of a Web3-specific event space at its own office premises. The event space boasts an area of 230 square meters, accommodating over 100 individuals.

Under the support of Pacific Meta, which has a proven track record of hosting numerous Web3-focused offline events, hosting events at this venue enables overseas Web3 projects to easily connect with Japan’s fan community, users, and Web3 industry players.

Commencement of Offering Event Space “Pacific Hub”: A Hub for Japan and Overseas in Web3

Opne, event-friendly interrior

Tokyo Tower seen from the terrace

The provision of the event space, named “Pacific Hub,” aims to serve as a hub for both Japanese and international entities in the realm of Web3. Pacific Meta is scheduled to relocate to approximately 230 square meters of office space in April 2024.

The new office, named “Pacific Hub,” aims to become a hub for Japan and overseas in the Web3 domain, as implied by its name.

By facilitating offline events at our own office, “Pacific Hub,” we provide a space where overseas Web3 projects can engage with Japanese users, Web3 industry networks, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and media, thereby fostering user growth and community building.

Moreover, the relocation to Hamamatsucho offers convenient access, just 28 minutes from Haneda Airport, making it highly accessible for visitors from abroad. For overseas entities seeking to enter the Japanese market, Pacific Meta aims to provide a venue where they can directly engage with Japan’s fan community, users, existing Japanese partners of Pacific Meta, and major Japanese corporations to enhance engagement. By hosting offline events at the new office, “Pacific Hub,” it becomes easier for Japanese fan communities, users, and Web3 industry players to connect.

Furthermore, Pacific Meta is capable of handling all aspects of event organization, including pre-event promotion and planning, significantly lowering the barriers to hosting events in Japan. With a track record of hosting events, including gatherings of up to 300 people, and having conducted dozens of offline events for major projects, Layer1, and Layer2 in Japan, Pacific Meta can support the hosting of high-quality events. The event space offers a view of the Tokyo Tower, making “Pacific Hub” an attractive venue visible to overseas entities seeking to host events in Japan, offering a high-end venue with a view of Tokyo Tower.

Thus, by offering an event space unique to Pacific Meta, which has strong connections in both Japan and abroad, we aim to establish the new office, “Pacific Hub,” as a hub for Japan and overseas in the Web3 domain, welcoming visitors from both domestic and international locations.

Seeking Inquiries from Companies Interested in Hosting Offline Events

Tokyo Game Show Side Event 2023

Pacific Meta x Polygon Web3 Game Night

We not only provide space rental but also offer opportunities to strengthen relationships with Web3-focused clients and partners, both domestically and internationally. We are capable of providing optimal event planning tailored to diverse needs, ranging from space rental only to full-service event planning and execution.

・Experienced staff will provide full support from event planning to execution.
・We can assist with audience acquisition, from promotion to participant recruitment.
・Side events for main conferences can also be arranged.
・Inviting VIP guests utilizing our international network is possible upon consultation.
・We also support the organization of events aimed at community activation.
・Space-only rental is available, offering high flexibility in usage.

We will tailor our proposals to meet your specific requirements. Feel free to inquire with us, even if the details are uncertain.

▼Contact Information

・Company Website: https://pacific-meta.co.jp/en/contact/
・Email: info@pacific-meta.co.jp
・Telegram:https://t.me/KouseiSho(@KouseiSho, Head of Business Development)

◼︎Past Event Information

“Tokyo Blockchain Game Blast with CoinMusme” (Offline side event: Tokyo Game Show 2023)

Over 250 participants, including game companies, VCs, and industry professionals in Web3.

Date: September 20, 2023
Location: Tokyo
Sponsoring Companies
・Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), etc.

More information about the new office

・Adress:〒105-0014 Hamamatsucho PREX 8th floor, 2-2-12 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo(Google Maps: Hamamatsucho PREX)

・Hamamatsucho Station on the JR Yamanote Line/Keihin Tohoku Line: 5-minute walk from the South Exit

・Shibakoen Station on the Toei Mita Line: 5-minute walk from Exit A1

・Daimon Station on the Toei Asakusa Line/Oedo Line: 5-minute walk from Exit A3


Background of Office Relocation

Pacific Meta, with its purpose of “Connecting Japan to the World through reliable Web3,” operates as a comprehensive consulting firm in the Web3 domain, providing support to domestic and international Web3 projects from strategy to execution. Since its establishment in August 2022, the company has experienced rapid growth, establishing numerous partnerships with domestic and international companies over the past year and a half.

The relocation to a new office space is aimed at accommodating the rapid expansion of the business and the associated increase in personnel, positioning it as part of a strategy to accelerate further growth.

Additionally, the new office environment aims to provide a more comfortable workspace, enhancing employee motivation and productivity. Through this office relocation, we aim to further enhance value delivery to our clients and improve employee satisfaction and productivity, thereby achieving sustainable growth.

Furthermore, Pacific Meta has supported various Web3 projects both domestically and internationally. Through these experiences, we have realized the significant demand for a hub that connects Japan and overseas. Therefore, we have decided to relocate to a venue that can also provide event space.

About Pacific Meta

Pacific Meta Inc. specializes in delivering extensive advisory and marketing services tailored for international Web3 projects in the Japanese and East Asian markets. Our expertise encompasses a spectrum of areas including strategic development, localization, promotional activities, community engagement, and assistance with token listings. With a proven track record, our team, endowed with exceptional talents and rich experience in the space, has successfully supported leading Web3 projects, including Web3 games and blockchain initiatives.

<Company Profile>
Former Office Location : 305, THE CASK GOTANDA, 2–5–2 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141–0022, Japan
Representative : CEO Shota Iwasaki
Established Date: August 10th, 2022
Business: Comprehensive support for overseas Web3 projects
Capital stock: 150 million yen Contact
・E-Mail: info@pacific-meta.co.jp
・URL : https://pacific-meta.co.jp/
・Pacific Meta Game Guild: https://discord.gg/pmgg
・Pacific Meta Magazine : https://pacific-meta.co.jp/magazine/


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