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Yukiya Mizuwaki

2016年より暗号資産投資を開始。過去にBinance LABS投資プロジェクトのアンバサダーを務め、国内で参加者1,400人のコミュニティを形成。また、2,100人が参加する暗号資産情報を共有するLINEオープンチャットを運営。現在は、ソリューション開発を担当。

Started investing in crypto in 2016.In the past, served as an ambassador for the Binance LABS investment project, forming a community of 1,400 participants in Japan.Also managing LINE Open Chat, a crypto information sharing platform with 2,100 participants.Currently, being in charge of the solution Development.

Business Development Director

Shota Hoshida

Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Department of Arts and Sciences. Bilingual in Japanese and English. After joining a trading company specializing in ODA, involved in project management with clients in over 60 countries. Currently, providing strategic and marketing support for expansion of Japanese web3 projects into overseas, as well as for expansion of overseas web3 projects into Japan.

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