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Shota Iwasaki

起業家/エンジェル投資家。東京大学在学中に日本最大の葬儀メディアである株式会社終活ねっとを設立。2018年にDMM.comに終活ねっとを売却。2020年に「Forbes 30 under 30 Asia」に選出される。

Entrepreneur/Angel Investor. While studying at the University of Toyko, he founded Shukatsu Net Co., one of the largest funeral media company in Japan, sold Shukatsu Net to in 2018. Selected as “Forbes 30 under 30 Asia” in 2020.

Co-founder, Head of Global Business Development

Kousei Sho

東京大学経済学部卒。ByteDance本社でグローバルブランディングを担当後、BCG Digital Ventures及びユニチャームのジョイントベンチャーにて、BDマネージャーを務める。現在は海外事業部を統括。

Graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tokyo. After being in charge of global branding at ByteDance headquarters, he worked as a BD manager at BCG Digital Ventures and Unicharm’s joint venture. Currently in charge of the overseas business department of Pacific Meta.

Co-founder, Head of Domestic Business Development

Kazuhito Azechi

東京外国語大学卒業。創業期の株式会社Luupに入社し、事業部立ち上げやマネジメントを経験。株式会社COINJINJAでtofuNFTの事業開発を兼務した後、株式会社Pacific Metaを共同創業し国内事業を統括。

Graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. He joined Luup Co. during its founding period and experienced business incuvation and management. After working concurrently in business development for tofuNFT at COINJINJA Co., he co-founded Pacific Meta Co., and manages the domestic business.

Co-founder, Head of Corporate

Yusuke Miyake

慶應義塾大学卒。株式会社終活ねっとで役員/マーケティング責任者を務めた後、株式会社Pacific Metaを共同創業。主にコーポレート周りを担当。仮想通貨トレーダー歴5年。

Graduated from Keio University. He co-founded Pacific Meta Co. after working as a marketing executive officer at Shukatsu Net Co. He is mainly in charge of corporate. A cryptocurrency trader for 5 years.

Justin Teoder

元ByteDanceマーケティングマネージャー、インドネシア在住。Cheetah MobileのCrypto部門の元アナリスト。18年より複数の暗号資産及びNFTプロジェクトのαグループに従事。英中インドネシア語堪能。

Former ByteDance Marketing Manager, living in Indonesia. Former analyst for Cheetah Mobile’s Crypto division. Since 18 years he has been involved in multiple crypto assets and NFT project α group. He is fluent in English, Chinese and Indonesian.

Director of Global Business Development

Steven Zhao


Former Chinese investment banker, now living in Canada. He graduated from Peking University with a bachelor’s degree in law and a master’s degree in finance. Fluent in Chinese, English and Japanese.

Global Business Development Manager

Shunsuke Yoshioka


After graduating from Sophia University, joined Shukatsu Net Co. for the first carrer. After working as an SEO media manager and front engineer, he changed his career to business development. Lived in abroad for 5 years and bilingual in Japanese and English.

Associate Manager

Keisuke Matsushita

元終活ねっとコンテンツマネージャー。創業期のPacific Metaに入社し、アソシエイトマネージャーとして主にプロジェクトの推進や、国内外のクライアント対応を担当。

Former Shukatsu Net Content Manager. Joined Pacific Meta during its founding period, and as an associate manager, he was mainly responsible for promoting projects and in charge of domestic and overseas clients.

Marketing Director

Haruka Umino


After graduating from the University of Tokyo, joined DeNA Co. After experiencing the recruitment of new graduate engineers, she was widely responsible for marketing as a community manager of a major domestic smartphone game.

Marketing Manager

Ryoei Kaneyama


He started getting interested in the web3 industry through DeFi and currently runs a crypto account on Instagram with over 10,000 followers. He is currently in charge of marketing and promotion.

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