Enhancing Information Dissemination and User Engagement! Support for the Japanese SNS Operation of Web3 Game Platform ‘Luxon’

Support Details

Client Luxon
Industry Web3 Game
Challenge Client lacks of social media operations and promotion experience in the Japanese market
Role & Strategy of PacificMeta Managment of Official Japanese X Account of the game and and KOL promotion
Provided Solution Social Media Management

Background & Challenges of the Consultation

Luxion is a product launched to solve the issue of ‘sustainability’ in Web3 games. Developers can publish titles through LUXON, creating an economic sphere capable of sustainably operating advanced Web3 ecosystem-integrated blockchain games. However, the challenge was to enhance community engagement in Japan, including raising awareness, service utilization, and existing user engagement.

Role, Strategy, and Outcomes of PacificMeta

Pacific Meta undertook the management of the Japanese official account on X (formerly Twitter) and the production & posting of game explanation videos by KOLs. This initiative supported the acquisition of new users, enhancement of engagement, and revitalization of the community.

Utilized Solution

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