Pacific Meta raises 150 million yen to strengthen its support for global Web3 projects in Japan

Pacific Meta (Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Shota Iwasaki) announces that it has raised 150 million yen through a third-party allocation of new shares in a seed round with VC firms DIMENSION/East Ventures/15thRock Fund, Web3 companies, and several angel investors as subscribers. With the funds raised this time, we start offering more marketing services to global Web3 projects in the Japanese market

Funding Background

Our company was just founded in August 2022. We are committed to supporting companies and projects related to Web3 and NFT from a marketing perspective, and to spreading the concept and services of Web3 to the world in an appropriate manner. We have already been working with several clients, and with this funding, we hope to further strengthen our support system and community


(1) Support for overseas Web3/NFT projects to enter the Japanese market

(2) Web3 community and media management

Purpose of Fundraising

(1) Recruitment
Pacific Meta aims to be the expert group for Web3.
We accelerate recruiting to create a more global organization.

(2) Development of the community
Pacific Meta also operates its own Web3-related communities and media, such as the NFT gaming guild NGS. We will make efforts to improve the quality of the content we deliver in our own community.

(3) Service Expansion
Pacific Meta aims to be a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world.
We will expand our services from mere promotion to strategy development and community management in the region. 

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